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Wellness Package


The Ultimate Wellness Package is designed to cover a complete wellness overhaul with the following inclusions

- detailed 30 day personalised meal plan

- 15% off supplements and herbal medicines

- 10% off Wild Heart Wellness online boutique Store

- Personalised flower essence blend (28 day supply)

- and 3 personalised Telehealth consults as per schedule below


1. Initial Consultation (60mins)- covering a detailed picture of current health.


2. 1st Follow Up Consultation (normally booked within 2 weeks of initial consult) (30 mins)

- A check-in on progression, answer questions and address concerns.

- Update meal plan and/or other treatment objectives if required.


3. 2nd Follow Up Consultation (normally booked within a month of Initial Consult) (30 mins)

- A final check-in with client to ensure all treatment points are clear, easy to follow and maintain.

- Address any other questions client may have.

- final handover and review again in 4 weeks (rebook a consult if required). 

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