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'WILD CHAMOMILE FLOWERS' Nurture Foot Soak 100g

  • Immerse your feet to bathe in the luxury of wild chamomile flowers. Foot soak has been infused with organic fennel seeds to reduce puffiness of sore feet and organic orange essential oil to nurture delicate skin.


    Tip: Also doubles as an infant/child bath soak, for irritable or restless babies. Ensure water is appropriate temperature for young skin. For best therapeutic effect and application allow feet to soak for 15mins.


    Caution is advised in pregnancy.


    Natural and organic ingredients: Organic chamomile flowers, premium grade Epsom spa salt crystals, organic fennel seeds, organic orange essential oil.


    Free of parabens, sulfates, ethoxylates, silicones, artificial colours & fragrances. 

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